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LDC UK Theory Test

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** The most realistic Theory Test App for car drivers available**> DVSA Official Theory Test revision questions, answers and explanations> Free full Highway Code> 14 highly realistic Theory Tests each with a case study questions
> Review and re-take option to make learning a breeze> Fastest way to prepare for Theory test> Synchronise yours results with our PC Theory Test software products - For PC version 8 plus use 2016 Theory Test version of App
Nobody in our view offers more features, better value for money or a more realistic simulation of the UK Theory Test for car drivers via a mobile device.
If you are really short of time this app provides the fastest way to prepare for the theory test using the Official DVSA revision questions, answers and explanations including 2015 updates. Plus a full copy of the Highway Code for more information.
Simply undertake the 14 specially designed mock theory tests and review only those questions you got wrong (or were not sure about). Study the associated DVSA answer explanations and then re-take the test with these questions only until you get them right - it's that easy - Test, Review, Study and Re-take. Why make it complicated?
Contractual Notice:The App contains Crown Copyright material reproduced under licence from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) which does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.
Learn on the Move or at home on your PC.If you use one of our PC Theory Test products you can create a web storage account so that you can pass your test results to and from your mobile app. Thus you can learn at home on your PC or while on the move via this mobile app without duplicating the work.
Allows you to complete the same mock test via your mobile device or on your PC (pre version 8 only) with the ability to sync the results (subject to internet access and purchase of suitable LDC software). Use LDC Theory Test 2016 Free if using version 8 or above of PC software (i.e. Driving Test Complete, Theory Test Complete, Theory Test Success or Driving Test Ultimate) from LDC or Avaquest/GSP..